We all know that the mobile versions of sites are crucial. Many website owners choose the mobile version of their website instead of the regular site. Many have launched a very successful web application supplying users with music, news and other things. But, however, if the mobile version of the site is the only point of your strategy, then you’re missing out. Optimization factor for the mobile version of websites is quickly becoming an essential condition for attracting visitors to the site. Here are the five reasons why you need a mobile internet site:

1. Your visitors are mobile

Use of smartphones is very common. A couple of years ago very few people used smartphones, but now there is hardly anyone who does not use a smartphone. That is why the mobile sector has become an important part of your website popularity. If you see the recent statistics of visits to the most popular sites, you can clearly see the significant improvement in the percentage of visits from mobile devices in comparison to the statistics of the last couple of years, and it is getting better day by day.

The number of owners of tablet and smartphones is growing every day. They use the Internet by mobile, and therefore more people are coming to your site from their smartphones.

2. Applications are important, but they are not a magic pill.

For several years, a gold mine in the mobile web space was application development. Distributed through the Apple Store and Android Market branded apps were the primary method of distributing content in a mobile environment. Many sites have increased the number of visitors by developing their application. Statistics show that one-third of smartphone and tablet users download new application within one month after its release. Also, sites that have applications has a significant number of audience and a very high percentage of repeat visitors.

However, despite all the success, the popularity of mobile applications began to decline. Applications started to use only by regular visitors. That is why to increase the traffic of a website; an application is not enough. The best way to reach the largest amount of audience is to create an optimized version of your site for mobile devices.

3. Mobile version of the site – the source of visitors.

If we compare the graphs of website traffic through its application and via the mobile version of the site, we can see that the number of visitors from mobile devices is much greater.

Though most of the smartphone and tablet users has already installed their mobile application, many of them go to the site directly using a browser to read news from that website.

So, why is a popular website attracts a significant number of the audience using its mobile version rather than its application?

The answer is simple: a portion of your visitors go to your site by clicking on the link to your site hosted on a different website. Typically, these links are not directed to the main page of your site. Customers who use the mobile version of the site, usually go straight to the page where your content is available.

Why is this important? When visitors go to your website by clicking on the links, they go directly to your site, rather than in the application. The application is useful for people who already love you. But with the mobile version of the site, you will get new fans for your site.

Due to the popularity of social networking these days, it is recommended that you place links to similar sites like yours. For example, if you have an online store for tourist equipment, it is reasonable to put a link to a page of an online travel agency or a travel forum site.

Think about it: to use your application, the user needs to remember about it constantly. While the links to the mobile version of your site, it will quickly come across in the search engines and social network sites when people search for similar topics.

4. Using a mobile version of the site is more convenient.

Long ago the application was the only way to distribute content. Mobile sites were primitive and could not ensure the needs of visitors. But thanks to better devices and HTML5, this deficiency persists. Now you can create a bright, colorful, branded mobile site which attracts many visitors and ensures a good connection.

Of course, this does not mean that you cannot just send your visitor to any of your unoptimized mobile sites. In fact, on the small screen of your smartphone, it will look awful and may not even be functional. Then it may not meet the expectations and needs of your mobile visitors. Creating optimized version of the site for mobile devices is a vital necessity if you want to attract more visitors to your site.

Using a mobile website is much easier than the application. Every application is unique, and users need some time to learn how to use it. On the other hand, mobile websites have standard outlook and a user-friendly interface which is already familiar to users. And that makes them start using the site immediately.

5. A mobile version of the site is much cheaper to develop and it can run anywhere.

The best part is the cost of creating a mobile version of a website is much less than the cost of building the application. For an application, you have to make different versions of it: like for Apple iOS, multiple versions of Android OS and so forth. And even then, not all mobile users will be able to use the application.

Instead, site owners can create only one mobile version of the site, and it will work on all mobile devices. If you use adaptive design, your site will look great on all devices with different screen sizes and run on all mobile software.

Mobile version of the website is the fastest way to express yourself in the mobile space. If you use an application, you will have to negotiate with different marketplace owners, to host your one. Also, users will have to look for your application with millions of others. But if you have a mobile website, then it will constantly be before the eyes of the users while they check on Facebook or Twitter, or searching for similar topics in the search engines. To distribute your application, you have to try hard. Developing a mobile version of the site will solve almost all the problems at once.

In conclusion, the creation of a mobile version of the site will attract more visitors for less. What could possibly be wrong with that? You should create a mobile version of your site before you lose your potential customers.