Tormek T-4 Review

This article is a quick review of the Tormek T4 sharpening machine. The Tormek sharpening device comes in three models T-3, T-4, and T-7. The T-4 is an enhanced model of the T-3, and the T-7 is a bigger machine.

Please note that this is my first sharpening machine, and I do not have much experience with sharpening tools. Consider this a review for beginners.

The Tormek T-4 is a little smaller than the T-7, but I think it’s more than enough for my use anyway. You get this:

  • grindstone
  • honing wheel
  • stone grader
  • angle finder
  • tool holder
  • honing paste

Even though it is possible to use the machine without jigs, you will get the best results using them. There are plenty of jigs available, but you must purchase those separately. I have jigs for knives and chisels.


(More text below the video)

Unboxing and Setup

The machine is quite heavy and feels solid. It’s not much to set up; Mount the grindstone, attach the tool holder and water tray (and fill it with water), and you are ready to go. Before honing it is a good idea to add a little oil to the honing wheel before you put on the honing paste, this is for avoiding the leather to dry out. You also get a manual on how to set up the machine with various jigs.

The machine requires little to no practice to use it and is very safe to use. The grindstone rotates very slow, and the water tray makes sure that the grindstone is always wet. Note that the grinding stone will soak up a lot of water when it’s dry som you might want to add more water.


The 220 grit grindstone is very easy to mount, and no tools are required. You can also change the grit to 1000 with the included stone grader.

Honing Wheel

The honing wheel is already mounted, and you only need to apply some oil and paste. The oil will prevent the leather to dry out.

Stone Grader

The ingenious stone grader let you change between 220 and 1000 grit on your grindstone. Use it for 20-30 seconds, and you have a new grit.

Tool holder

The tool holder is stable and easy to adjust with the micro adjustment. Just slide the jig on and adjust the height to get the correct angle.

Angle Finder

The angle finder is handy to find the correct angle for your bevel. Just set the angle and adjust the tool holder up or down to find the right angle.

Honing Paste

Just add this to your honing wheel before honing (see the manual for how often you should apply this paste).


Both set up, and usage is very simple. Anyone can get sharp tools and knives with this machine right from the start. Once you have used this a couple of times, you can get very sharp tools in 2-3 minutes.

For my usage, the tools get sharp enough, but you can also buy grindstones with finer grits if you want ultra sharp tools. The grindstone is very easy to mount, and require no tools.

It is not a cheap machine, but it sure is a quality product, and Tormek gives you seven years warranty. For beginners (like me) this is absolutely a great machine.


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  1. Hello, I live in Turkey . I would be glad if you help where you can buy the machine .

  2. Paolo

    What about when done – do you need to remove the water trough or empty it somehow? How hard/easy is that?

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