Learn how to dry wood fast in the microwave. Microwave drying works pretty well for smaller projects and if you are turning wooden bowls.

(more text below the video)

Fresh green wood can contain 30-40% water, so it will shrink and lose a lot of weight. If you can remove material before you put it in the microwave, you should. Remember that the wood also will twist and warp so don’t put your finished piece in there.

I would say this is relatively safe as long as you keep the heating to around 1 minute and cool the wood down for 5-10 min. Between each cycle (and always keep an eye on the microwave when heating.)

Step by Step

  1. Cut the wood to size and remove material if possible
  2. Weigh the wood on a digital scale
  3. Put the wood piece in your microwave on full for 1 minute
  4. Cool down the piece at least 5 minutes
  5. Weigh the wood again
  6. Repeat until the weight is stable

Seal the end grain with wax if possible.